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Modelling Public Space(s) in Culture
Kino Kultura – space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture, Skopje
12-14 October 2017


The Conference Modelling Public Spaces in Culture is one of the activities of The Dissonant (Co)Spaces project, a collaborative project involving three regional CSO’s: Lokomotiva from Skopje, the Foundation Jelena Šantić from Belgrade and Loose Associations (Slobodne veze) from Zagreb.

The Dissonant (Co)Spaces extends and transfers on a national level in Macedonia as the project “Cultural Spaces for active citizens („Културни простори за активни граѓани“), addressing the development of the diverse models of public spaces in culture. The project is organized by Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, Skopje, in partnership with the Organization for Art and Culture FRU – Faculty of Things That Can’t Be Learned (Здружение ФРУ – Факултет за работи што не се учат), and the collaboration of the Association Freedom Square (Плоштад Слобода), Theatre Navigator Cvetko (Театар Навигатор Цветко) and Laud Textile worker (Гласен текстилец).

Concept of the conference: Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski

Programation of the conference: Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Milica Božić Marojević and Nataša Bodrožić (consultation on parts of the program)

Project manager: Violeta Kachakova

Program: PDF eng

Video documentation (eng/mk) ☟